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At SSE, each athlete is an individual with a unique vision for their future. Our team works with clients to help them achieve their fullest potential both on and off of the field. Our singular blend of experience, creativity, intelligence, and candor allows us to bring unparalleled strategic management and career advisory services.

We understand that every athlete has different needs, both personally and professionally. Our services are tailored to meet those needs and enable the athlete to concentrate on their profession. At SSE, our primary objective is to provide our clients with the information and options to assist them in reaching their goals. Our philosophy is centered on the athlete making the final decisions regarding their career. As advisors, we do everything possible to make sure the athlete is completely informed before making a decision.

Communication is a vital part of the advisor/athlete relationship. With SSE, you can count on advice based on experience from your mentor. SSE, offers a Mentor Protégé Program, which pairs the athlete with an NFL veteran who played the athletes position. If you are not being mentored and trained, to resolve the many challenges you will face during and beyond the game, then you are not being managed properly.

Additionally, we are committed to knowing our clients as people, not just athletes. That personal relationship is the foundation of the strong professional partnership we strive to develop with our clients. Experience has taught us that you can’t advise a person if you don’t know who that person is or what they are about. That should also be true from the athlete’s perspective. As an athlete, you should want to know your agent and feel comfortable talking to your agent. Commitment, Dedication, Loyalty and Trust are more than just words to use in a sales pitch. The more you know about SSE, the more you will want to know our people.