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Draft Preparation and Rookie Transition Assistance

From training and housing to media preparations, SSE manages all aspects of the process leading towards the Draft.

Contract Negotiations

We take pride in being experts at contract negotiation. Our goal is to obtain maximum compensation for our clients with the main focus on guaranteed payments.

Endorsements and Personal Brand Development

Our overall marketing goal is to help the athlete brand himself in his community and nationwide in order to generate marketing revenue.

Legal Support

Members of our team are licensed attorneys who will assist with grievances, disputes, injury settlements and other legal related matters for our clients.

Public Relations/ Community Involvement

One of our top priorities is to help each client create and sustain a positive public image.

Career and Life Management

Our company will provide each client guidance and advice during their professional careers

Endorsement Associations

Verison | T-Mobile | Beats by Dre | Upper Deck/Topps | Nake Brand | Gatorade | Powerade | Champs | Footlocker